Our Mission

The Bindi Project's mission is to foster love and respect for all women and girls in India.

Our Vision

We envision an Indian society that loves and respects all its daughters, values them as integral and productive members, and enables them to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives, free from all forms of violence, exploitation, and discrimination.

The Situation

For over 50 years, the ratio of girls to boys in India has steadily declined. It is well known that this is due primarily to female feticide, infanticide, and the deliberate neglect of girls. Though impossible to say why precisely anyone would choose to commit such crimes, we believe empowerment programs, law enforcement, and awareness activities, though necessary, are insufficient to stop them.

Our Assessment

Usually, people who are confronted about their crimes become dismissive, defensive, or even combative. Historical messaging intended to influence them has not worked, likely because people who need to change believe they are in the majority. We know they are not yet no amount of lecturing, coercion, or display of graphic imagery and data will change their thinking.

Our Strategy

We believe people can be inspired to change when they see for themselves another way. We focus on positive stories and information to inspire people who need to change to do so, on their own. When a person takes a decision on their own, the decision is more likely to be sincere and enduring when taken of their own volition and without the need to publicly admit a prior error.