Signing this pledge will take just a moment of your time but will help send a powerful message that every daughter deserves love and respect. You don't have to be a parent to take the pledge, every voice counts.

The Pledge

“I promise to love and respect every daughter of mine throughout her life regardless of how many other daughters or sons that I have. I will protect, nurture, educate, and support her as best as I can and equally with all of my children, daughters and sons alike. I will not allow her to marry or work outside my home before she is of legal age and I will never agree to any marriage against her will. I will not offer nor agree to provide a dowry for her”


Add your voice

Only your first and last name and email address are required to sign the pledge so that we can ensure an accurate count of those who have signed the pledge. The additional information will help us understand where support resides; however, The Bindi Project will keep your contact information private. We will use personal information only in aggregate unless you specifically allow us to highlight your participation. Please use the contact page for any questions or comments.

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